tisdag 9 juni 2009

Sweden Rocked!

So, now this year's Sweden Rock Festival has come and gone! Some highs and some lows. The definite low was of course the weather. Some shine, but a lot of rain, worst weather since 1992! Well, at least I managed to witness some great performances!
ELECTRIC BOYS - Awesome return! Great heavy funky vibe! They still rock!
ZZ TOP - Despite a brief blues dip in the middle, the trio prooved they are still the world's biggest little band from Texas!
THALAMUS - Outstanding 70s rockers with a way to short set!
GRAND MAGUS - Love their records, LOVED them live!! Awesome!
RIOT - Despite a little too much high speed stuff (I'm a fan of their first 4-5 releases) they still rocked! "Outlaw" and "Warrior" saved my day!
FOREIGNER - Sounded surprisingly good and heavy despite only one original's in the line-up. Kelly Hansen did a great job fronting!
IN FLAMES - The music was tight, heavy and really great, but man, the rambling between the songs was pathetic!
STORMZONE - Harv Harbinson was definitely one of the best singers of this festival. Love the man's vocals!!
UFO - The came, they rocked and they ruled! Classic riffs delivered with freshness and determination. You gotta love 'em! Lovely guys, too!
SEVENDUST - Another bunch of great people! Heavy as hell, but very humble!
Other notes:
HEAVEN & HELL weren't as bad as some said, but the sound guy should be hung, drawn and quartered. Where were the guitars?
THOR - Oh god... the man is a mystery. Was it pathetic or funny? He obviously has no knowledge of Sweden whasoever. "Here's a song about the Swedish tundra". Ehhh... say, what?

Now it's back to the grind. The promotion time for the up-coming CONSTANCIA release has started and I'm continuing my work on the new MOUNTAIN OF POWER. I'll keep you posted!

New goodies!
RUFUS HUFF - "Rufus Huff" - Outstanding southern rawk! KILLER debut!!
THREE MINUTE MADNESS -"Disgraceful". AWESOME debut!!! These Swedes rock!!
BIBLEBLACK - "The Black Swan Epilogue" - Holy crap!!! What just ran over me?? Prog-math-power-death metal of the prime order! Mike Wead is on the loose!
INTO THE PRESENCE - "Into The Precense" Rock? Pop? Ambient? I dunno, reminds me a bit of Danish band DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY at times! Great melodies!!