måndag 28 januari 2008

OVERDRIVE release today!

Saturday we had a release party for the new OVERDRIVE album "Let The Metal Do The Talking", the first full length album since 1984! A great bunch of people showed up. We played the album, showed some old and new videos, gave away some stuff, got slightly drunk and had fun!
Today we also put up a new track on MySpace (www.myspace.com/overdrivesweden) - "Bring Me To Submission".
So what now? Promotion work, of course! Possibly try to get some gigs.
Otherwise it's CONSTANCIA that has part of my musical focus at the moment. David recorded the vocals for the track "Blind" yesterday. We've just sent off a bunch of files to Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Winger, Europe etc.) who will re-mix the track "Save Me". We received the test mix of "Wish I Could Fly" from Pontus Lindmark at RoastigHouse last week. It sounded great!
February 18-19 I'm off to Stockholm to start recording guitars for the SALT album. Really looking forward to getting this wagon on the road, too!

Currently listening to: RTZ - "Lost" - Great AOR album featuring former Boston boys Barry Godreau and Brad Delp (RIP). Hadn't listened to this in years, but suddenly got into a Boston-vibe and brought out Boston, Barry's solo album, Orion, RTZ and the Godreau/Delp stuff.

onsdag 16 januari 2008

Grand opening

Hi all!

Welcome to my blog. We'll see what stuff comes up here. This will probably be some kind of journal of all my musical activities.

I'm currently recording the guitars and preparing files for my curreny "melogressive" project CONSTANCIA. The day after we opened our MySpace page we were contacted by American top producer Beau Hill (Warrant, Europe, Ratt, Alice Cooper) who said he liked our stuff very much and asked if we wanted him to re-mix some tracks. So, we will, why I'm working on re-recording some guitar parts for the song, at the same time as I'm finishing up demoing the remaining tracks (15 all in all).

I'm also writing new songs and rehearsing old ones for the resurrection of 70s classic band SIR LORD BALTIMORE which I'm proud to be part of today. Imagine being asked to join one of your old favourite bands! KEWL, huh?! We're off to New York in March to write and rehearse.

SALT is my current band, featuring among others Björn Lodin (Baltimoore, Six Feet Under) and Micke "Nord" Andersson (Nord, Private Eyes, Roxette etc). Robban has laid down the drums fro the forthcoming album and me and Micke will start recording guitars in February.

"The Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk 1976-1986" is a book written by Peter Jandreus, which I'm doing layout and additional writing, research for. It's in the final proof reading stage now, so hopefully this "never ending story" will be finished soon!