måndag 25 februari 2008


First of all, last week we decided to change our name. There was a Swedish pop band in the 80s called Salt. They have now decided to re-unite, so to avoid confusion we have now changed our name to BALLS. It's actually the initials of the members' surnames - Björk - Andersson - Lodin - Lundkvist - Stark.
I started working on the solos for the Balls-album this weekend. Have to finish it all before we go to New York in two weeks. Shouldn't be any problem.
Tomorrow I'll be on Swedish televison as a representative for Sweden Rock and hard rockers in general. The show is recorded in the afternoon and broadcast 11.25 PM on TV2. I can't wear any t-shirt with a logo on!! I mean what is hard rock without a big phat band logo?! Hmm... Need a plan to sneak it in somehow ;-)

torsdag 21 februari 2008

Recording again!

The last two days I spent in the studio with Mikael "Nord" Andersson. We're currently recording the guitars for the forthcoming album by SALT (we may change the name, though).
I used my Hughes & Kettner Trilogy head, through a 4x10" Marshall cab (the same one that was used on the latest album by The Rasmus)¨and a TS9 Tube Screamer. The guitars were my two True Temperament neck guitars (Gibson Les Paul and an Epiphone Strat) and my Fender Strat HW1.
I'll start recording the solos next week.

Today we also received Beau Hill's final mix of the CONSTANCIA track "Save Me", which sounds really good! We've sent out four tracks to four different engineers/producers to try and decide what sound we would like on the album. They are as follows:
"Save Me" - Beau Hill (Ratt, Streets, Winger, Warrant, Alice Cooper etc)
"Wish I Could Fly" - Pontus Lindmark (Planet Alliance, Cloudscape etc)
"Blind" - Pontus Norgren (The Poodles, Talisman, House Of Shakira etc)
"I Never Said Goodbye" - Pelle Saether (Node, Locomotive Breath, Zello, Zeelion etc)
When we've received all four tracks we'll put them up on our MySpace (www.myspace.com/constanciamusic) for people to vote on which mix they like the most.

Over & Out