måndag 25 februari 2008


First of all, last week we decided to change our name. There was a Swedish pop band in the 80s called Salt. They have now decided to re-unite, so to avoid confusion we have now changed our name to BALLS. It's actually the initials of the members' surnames - Björk - Andersson - Lodin - Lundkvist - Stark.
I started working on the solos for the Balls-album this weekend. Have to finish it all before we go to New York in two weeks. Shouldn't be any problem.
Tomorrow I'll be on Swedish televison as a representative for Sweden Rock and hard rockers in general. The show is recorded in the afternoon and broadcast 11.25 PM on TV2. I can't wear any t-shirt with a logo on!! I mean what is hard rock without a big phat band logo?! Hmm... Need a plan to sneak it in somehow ;-)

2 kommentarer:

Kim sa...

Såg inte det inslaget. Lyckades du med logo-kuppen?

Har SALT/BALLS någon Myspace förresten?

mvh /Kim

Janne Stark sa...

Näpp, fick inte ha någon logga alls. Fick tejpa över SRF-loggan!

Balls MySpace är: www.myspace.com/ballsfromsweden