onsdag 19 mars 2008

Second week in New York

So, this is how fast a week goes in New York. Man... So, what have we done? Well, I've rehearsed with John Garner for the upcoming Sir Lord Baltimore shows. Tomorrow we'll rehearse with a bass player, Rick Mullen, which will be great.
With the current dollar rate shopping is great! Bought a nice Keehler Compressor, a Edirol UA25 sound interface, tried the awesome Orange Tiny Terror amp which totally blew me away!! I want I want I want!!! Met up with our friends Amy and Dino Dave for some serious... eating (great Indian restaurant yesterday), plus I've found a shitload of good CDs on Bleecker Street. The weather has been really good (although it's raining today). Will go see and interview Robin Trower this evening, which will be great.
What more to say but... New York rulez!!!

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