måndag 31 mars 2008

Back from New York!

So, back in Sweden after two eventful weeks in the big apple! The home trip was quite eventful, too, I should add...

With the current state of the US currency, we did a lot of great shopping. Manage to do some great deals at Manny's where I bought a Keehley Compressor, a Boss Octaver and a Edirol US25 interface, plus lots od strings! Also found some great CDs and vinyls at Bleecker Street Records. I can also recommend B&H Electronics where we got some cameras, iPods and a good deal on a Shure SM57. Needless to say we also found a great pile of nice clothes!

Besides meeting up and jamming with John Garner and also bass player Rick Mullen, which was great, we also spent some time with our friends Dino Dave and Amy, plus met up with Dinosuar Guitar mate Jeb. Also a great dude! We jammed and recorded some stuff that will probably end up on YouTube - "I Am The Killjoy" - a classic to be :-)

The journey home
The flight home was supposed to leave at 6.15 PM, but was delayed until 7.30...
and we boarded at 8... but didn't get clearance to take off until 9.45 because of technical matters! Fortunately we had a 5,5 hour wait in Brussels, which was now only 1,5 hours. This flight was also delayed 20 min for technical reasons... We finally arrived in Copenhagen and just made it on the train home! (I should mention that we had to buy two suitcases and one bag extra for all the stuff we bought!) We were 5 people with two suitcases and one hand luggage EACH!
When we arrived in Malmö, they told us we had to switch train because of...
tadaaa... technical problems! So, this time without any carriage, we had to run back and forth with all our luggage and switch trains!
We finally arrived home yesterday evening 5.30 PM, with our entire luggage intact!

Take heed New York, we will definitely be back!

onsdag 19 mars 2008

Second week in New York

So, this is how fast a week goes in New York. Man... So, what have we done? Well, I've rehearsed with John Garner for the upcoming Sir Lord Baltimore shows. Tomorrow we'll rehearse with a bass player, Rick Mullen, which will be great.
With the current dollar rate shopping is great! Bought a nice Keehler Compressor, a Edirol UA25 sound interface, tried the awesome Orange Tiny Terror amp which totally blew me away!! I want I want I want!!! Met up with our friends Amy and Dino Dave for some serious... eating (great Indian restaurant yesterday), plus I've found a shitload of good CDs on Bleecker Street. The weather has been really good (although it's raining today). Will go see and interview Robin Trower this evening, which will be great.
What more to say but... New York rulez!!!