måndag 21 april 2008

This weekend...

We had an Overdrive band pow wow. We signed a load of CDs, decided on a set list for some shows this summer and we had a photo session with photographer Thomas Tjäder. Think we got some good shots there! Also kicked off the work on a new Overdrive website, which is loooong overdue (maybe we should change the name to that...).
Also received a new review from Stormbringer who gave "Let the metal do the talking" 4/5. Thaaank you!
Have a whole pile of stuff to review (Paul Gilbert, Whitesnake, King's X, Aggressive Chill, Disturbed, George Bellas, Tri State Corner, Alberto Rigoni, Marco Sfogli, Eric Gales) and some features to write (Michael Schenker, Robin Trower...). So much to do, so little time! Still... it's fun! The sun is finally here, meaning the garden got its fair share of attention this weekend. Planning on getting a lot of strawberries this summer :-)

torsdag 17 april 2008

I'm amazed!

In 1984 we released the last official studio album with OVERDRIVE. We reunited in 2003, and have just released the first new album in... let's see... 24 years!! Releasing a new album after so many years is not easy. You have to satisfy the old fans and not stray away from the original sound too much, and at the same time the album has to sound fresh and not dated. I admit, at first I did not want to do this. They however tricked me, with the cunningness of a woman (straight blokes as they are), they lured me into writing and recording a new album. I shall howeber admit that the writing part was hower not the problem I anticipated. Half the material was songs we'd written, but never released, back in the 80s. We just went from these, and lo and behold, it worked! However the media can be cruel, so their verdict was still to be seen...

Here it is... and I'm really humbly amazed of the great response!! Just some grades we've received from various magazines and webzines:
Brave Words - 8/10
Bright Eyes - 13/13
Burrn! - 83/100
Sweden Rock Magazine - 8/10
Peacedogman - 4/5
Zware Metalen - 78/100
FFM Rock - 5/5
Neckbreaker - 9/10
Danger Dog - 4,5/5
Metal Observer - 8/10
Metal Temple - 4/5
Metal Glory - 8/10
Heavy Metal Resource - 7,5/10
Rock United - 8/10
Disintegration - 7/10
Classic Rock Newswire - 4/5
Rockreport - 4,5/6
Streets Webzine - 7/10
Lords Of Metal - 85/100

THANK YOU for taking time to really listen to our album, and to grasp our philosophy behind it. Thanks for not letting the cheesy title (a pun on Joe Perry's solo album "Let The Music Do The Talking", from a song we wrote back in 1982) become an obstacle in your listening. Thanks for giving us a chance to proove ourselves once again... after 24 years!

måndag 14 april 2008

New Locomotive Breath song

Tonight it's mixing time! Through an initiative from Johannes Lindström at Sweden Rock, we decided to record a new song for a compilation that will be available only to those who buy 3-days tickets for Sweden Rock Festival. All the songs actually have the same title: "Fill Your Head With Rock". This is a pure metal anthem stomper. The line-up (which, as you might have noticed always changes) on this one is: Mattias Osbäck: vocals, myself: guitar/bass and TumPeter Svensson: drums. We're also reinforced by the Double Trouble choire boys Mikael Loorentz and Håkan Windahl. Other bands/artists that will appear on the compilation are: Kim Mitchell, Sabaton, Axewitch, Ken Hensley etc.