måndag 21 april 2008

This weekend...

We had an Overdrive band pow wow. We signed a load of CDs, decided on a set list for some shows this summer and we had a photo session with photographer Thomas Tjäder. Think we got some good shots there! Also kicked off the work on a new Overdrive website, which is loooong overdue (maybe we should change the name to that...).
Also received a new review from Stormbringer who gave "Let the metal do the talking" 4/5. Thaaank you!
Have a whole pile of stuff to review (Paul Gilbert, Whitesnake, King's X, Aggressive Chill, Disturbed, George Bellas, Tri State Corner, Alberto Rigoni, Marco Sfogli, Eric Gales) and some features to write (Michael Schenker, Robin Trower...). So much to do, so little time! Still... it's fun! The sun is finally here, meaning the garden got its fair share of attention this weekend. Planning on getting a lot of strawberries this summer :-)

2 kommentarer:

Staffan B sa...

Hur kn Peter Jandreus punkbok utelämna Alternativa Ljud? Det känns som ett riktigt sopigt misstag_



Janne Stark sa...

Det är ju Peter som står för innehållet inte jag. Men, gjorde Alternativa Ljud någon platta då? Det är ju grundkriteriet för att komma med. Sökte på nätet, men hitta inget om det där.