onsdag 18 juni 2008

Arrow Rock Festival

Recently returned from my first ever visit to Arrow Rock Festival. Quite a line-up this year indeed! They managed to in one day squeeze in a bunch of my favourite bands! Here's a quick run down of the trip.
Friday 20.25 - took a flight from Växjö (Smaland) airport to Weeze (Dusseldorf), 40 minutes delay, but the bus waited for us. Took us to the centre of Nijmegen (pronounced Nischmechen), and a quick cab ride to the nice Scandic Sanadorm hotel. Saturday was just a lazy day. Late breakfast, a walk in the neighbourhood (went slightly lost), back to the hotel, took a cab to the city centre. Saturday market. Found some CDs and DVDs at great prices. We were told there was a Hard Rock Café (we collect them), but how much we searched we couldn't find it. Finally found out there was none. The cab driver had probably meant the Backstage Rock Cafe (great music!). Cab back to the hotel and then we went to their great big Spa with 7-8 different pools, saunas etc. Niiice! Quite a lot of rebuilding going on there however, so some things were closed.

Sunday - festival day! Late breakfast and then we went to the site. Very smooth entry. Two guest passes each (one from Sweden Rock and one from the great Doug Aldrich), only needed one though :-). Got our wrist band and in we went. Strange scenario by the main stage. They had a special closed off area 15 meters in front of the stage only for "de luxe passes", guests and press! Hmm... They also have special tokens you have to buy as you can't buy food or drinks with money at the area. Nice idea, but fuck was it expensive!!! 2.30 Euro for a small glass of water!! Fuck me!! 4.50 Euro for half a grilled chicken!! Wow!

REO Speedwagon - Highly impressed! Only saw some of their set at Sweden Rock last year, but this was brilliant! I truly love "Back On The Road Again", which we used to cover back in the Paradize days. Great performance, lots of heavier stuff!
Gotthard - Have seen then so many times now we decided to explore the VIP area instead.
Journey - Man, this was beyond my expectations! They sounded awesome!! Close your eyes and it's all Perry again! Great choise of songs, even though they really rushed through it without any talk inbetween songs.
Twisted Sister - Despite Dee's flight being 6 hours late and he had to be flown by chopper to the festival, they were only 10 minutes late. No make-up and all rock n roll! Didn't see them, only heard.
Def Leppard - Man Joe hasn't got much of a voice left. A bit disappointing. Didn't see much f them.
Kansas - Awesome!!! They may not be fun to watch, but man do they play great! Great choise of songs, too!! Will see them again in Malmö tonight!
Whitesnake - They rocked!! Coverdale's voice wasn't really there, but musically it was great!
Motörhead - Didn't see them. Seen them probably 10 times before.
Kiss - What a show! I'm no big fan of the band, but I have seen them twise before (1980 and on thye Animalize tour). What a circus, but man was it fun to watch! Two hours of classic songs, pyro, pyro, more pyro, flying Gene and Paul, flying drum raiser, shooting guitar, you name it!

Monday we took a quick trip to the center for some light shopping and lunch before heading home. A great festival indeed.

tisdag 10 juni 2008

Back in action

Haven't been posting for a while, but now I'm back in business. First of all the Sweden Rock festival:
DERRINGER - Holy crap!!!! These guys still mean business! Derringer - Johnson - Aaronson - Appice. These names stand for pure 70s power! Outstanding show! Great to hear some of the stuff sung and written by Danny, too, like "One Eyed Jack" and "Driving Sideways".
COHEED & CAMBRIA - What a band! They sound as good live as on CD. Highly musically entertaining!
TRIUMPH - OK, the stage show was a little shaky, but man did they sound good! Welcome back guys!
BLACK STONE CHERRY - A bunch of young, humble and very nice Kentucky guys that really knew how to get down and boogie! Killer southern groovy riff rock!
MUSTASCH - These guys sure know how to rock heavy and steady. Reliable live act!
JOE SATRIANI - Outstanding show! The best I've seen him do!
H.E.A.T. - Highly promising young Swedish AOR band that showed they deliver the goods live, too!
There's more of course: Tesla, Ace Frehley, Hensley/Lawton, Birthcontrol, Whitesnake, Fourever, BÖC, Saxon and some more.

We also had a new LOCOMOTIVE BREATH track featured on the compilation CD "Sweden Rock Festival CD 2008" entitled "Fill Your Head With Rock".

My computer is finally working! This week I'll be finishing up the last solos for the BALLS album, and it will be on its way!