tisdag 10 juni 2008

Back in action

Haven't been posting for a while, but now I'm back in business. First of all the Sweden Rock festival:
DERRINGER - Holy crap!!!! These guys still mean business! Derringer - Johnson - Aaronson - Appice. These names stand for pure 70s power! Outstanding show! Great to hear some of the stuff sung and written by Danny, too, like "One Eyed Jack" and "Driving Sideways".
COHEED & CAMBRIA - What a band! They sound as good live as on CD. Highly musically entertaining!
TRIUMPH - OK, the stage show was a little shaky, but man did they sound good! Welcome back guys!
BLACK STONE CHERRY - A bunch of young, humble and very nice Kentucky guys that really knew how to get down and boogie! Killer southern groovy riff rock!
MUSTASCH - These guys sure know how to rock heavy and steady. Reliable live act!
JOE SATRIANI - Outstanding show! The best I've seen him do!
H.E.A.T. - Highly promising young Swedish AOR band that showed they deliver the goods live, too!
There's more of course: Tesla, Ace Frehley, Hensley/Lawton, Birthcontrol, Whitesnake, Fourever, BÖC, Saxon and some more.

We also had a new LOCOMOTIVE BREATH track featured on the compilation CD "Sweden Rock Festival CD 2008" entitled "Fill Your Head With Rock".

My computer is finally working! This week I'll be finishing up the last solos for the BALLS album, and it will be on its way!

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