tisdag 7 februari 2012


Man, the calendar is really filling up! Cool, I love to keep busy!

Overdrive: After a minor chrisis the band is back on track! We split, reformed without the old bass player, found a new bass player, and are now back on track. Gigs booked, new photos taken and rehearsal planned!

Grand Design: Was asked to join about a month ago, when the old guitarist quit. Since I actually came up with the band name, made the logo, named the first album and have laid down guest solos for three songs, it felt quite natural to accept the invitation. Great, but quite "interesting" first rehearsal due to a bad burger. Lots of gigs booken i Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. More to come!

Zoom Club: We've also managed to squeeze in a rehearsal/recording! We have a show booked in august and we need to get this vehicle moving, too!

Constancia: Finally have evenrything I need to really get down to recording guitars for the new album... except the time, due to the above. Well, if it's taken this long I guess it's better it's good and solid, than quick and dirty! It'll come together.

Locomotive Breath: Still talking about making a new album. I have thrown some song ideas at Mattias, so we'll see what happens there, too. Time (the thing I don't have) will tell!

The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Vol 3: Now here's a beast that is really moving these days! I HAVE to get this massive monster of a book ready before summer! I'm putting a LOT of time and effort into finishing up all loose ends and leads. I just wish bands and labels would see the benefit of being and the book and understanding I have a deadline. There's a lot of stuff out there I'm missing, and if I was to buy all these records just to be able to feature the cover and write about the recording, I'd be broke long before the book release. Bands/labels: shape up and ship out! Please!!

FUZZ magazine: Yes, still constantly writing. Have several interviews that need to be written and reshaped into fine and interesting articles. There's that issue with time again...

Love: Yes, love is there, or else all of the above would be down the drain. Thanks luv :-)