måndag 14 november 2011

Business as usual? Well, business anyway :-)

Most of my "blogging" time is devoted to my reviews blog, why I'm not that frequent here (check out: http://starkmusicreviews.blogspot.com/).
Anyway, so what's up? Well, about a month ago I was in Japan, doing some promotion for the Japanes release of Overdrive's "Angelmaker", had a great vacation, met a lot of great people, saw a lot of great things and oh yeah, me and Ozzie got married :-). It was a new experience getting married at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. Went great!

So, what's up?
ZOOM CLUB: Recently completed the trio with and outstanding bass player/singer - Micke Hujanen! We have a shitload of songs and in great need of getting all the stuff down on "tape". Hopefull soon after new year. Have a festival gig booked for next year - a great start!

OVERDRIVE: Album recently released in Japan. Gig with Pretty Maids coming up in December.

CONSTANCIA: Started recording guitars (yes, I've been working on and off for a while, but now we're down to busines!)

VGS: Finally got an endorsement deal and I'm impatiently waiting for my new VGS guitars! One is a beautuful ravenblood (red) Les Paul shaped guitar with Evertune System and True Temperament fretting. The other is a Strat! More info to follow!

ENCYCLOPEDIA: Working like crazy, finishing Vol 3! Has to be out mid next year!

Listening to:
Jarle H Olsen - Quadrasonic
Dirty Sweet - Of Monarchs And Beggars
Federale - s/t