tisdag 13 maj 2008


Was in Göteborg at the annual FUZZ Guitar Show last weekend. Nice! Should've brought a big bag of money! As I'm endoresed by ESP and Hughes & Kettner I checked out their booth and found a new series of cheapy guitars. Vintage was the brand, most parts were Wilkinson and the single coil on their Strat sounded great! The guitar felt really solid, easy played and great! Need one of those I guess. Also checked out Mattias Ia Eklundh at his seminar and he was just as crazy as usual. He's the kinda guy that, when he spots you, he makes sure everyone knows you're there. This time is was me, Anders Johansson and Jonas Hellborg that became his target. He's hilarious, though, and such an amazing guitar player! Also ran into Christian Alsing who gave me his CD "The Last Robot" - a great piece of music indeed, released in 2005 already. Met a lot of nice people and saw a lot of nice guitars!

New recommendable pieces of music:
Ben Granfelt Band - The Sum Of Memories
Caroline's Spine - Captured
Opeth - Watershed

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