onsdag 19 november 2008

Getting ready for Kick-off!

Tomorrow it's time to go to Stockholm for this year's Sweden Rock Kick-off. Blackfoot, Hammerfall and Bullet will be on stage. I've just finished writing the presentations for the first bunch of bands to be presented, so I k n o w!

Managed to lay down guitars for another Constancia track two days ago. Slowly getting there ;-).

Found and received a bunch of Swedish stuff for the new encyclopedia I'm working on. Some stuff actually makes me wonder why they've even wasted any vinyl on. One band, called Blue Balls, was total garbage and if it wasn't for the book I'd probably throw it away. On the other hand getting new stuff like Ammotrack, Vanity Blvd and Urbandux made me feel a bit better.

Also managed to find a few vinyl goodies on Ebay, at very nice prices - Earl Slick Band - s/t, The Dodgers - "Love On The Rebound", Blackjack (feat Kulick/Bolton), Reggie Knighton Band - s/t and UK band Rage "Nice & Dirty" with a totally different cover.

Also, through my friend Joe Romagnola at Grooveyard Records, heard some new interesting stuff by Jive Mother Mary, Fall Of Envy, Black Pearl (from 1994), Ra, Earshot, Suicide Nation, Big Bad Bubba (horrible name, but a great album!) and The Showdown. All well worth checking out.

My current playlist includes:
Ammotrack - s/t
Diamond REO - "Dirty Diamonds"
Black Pearl - s/t

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