måndag 23 mars 2009

Why not write another book?

Well, that's the question I came up with after having a meeting with my publisher last week. I'm in the middle of working on my new, third, encyclopedia of Swedish hard rock & heavy metal. We had a very fruitful meeting where we set up all the criterias for the new book.
  1. It will contain all bands from the first two books, updated, completed, corrected and all bands I've missed out, plus all the new entries. All in all over 2500 bands!
  2. We also decided this time it will be in all colour! I mean, with all these wonderful colourful covers, it just has to be in colour!
  3. All bands that are "related" or "on the edge" will be presented in a simpler way, still with members, home town and discography, but only relevant releases and no bio. This will weed out a lot of bands verging on punk, pop, progg or whatever.
  4. It will contain a listening companion, like Premium Publishing's other releases, a 4 CD long box.

We also decided on a deadline - the book is to be finished in December for an early 2010 release.

My aim was also to have a short "history of Swedish hard rock" in the book, but after a little consideration and thinking about what I wanted to include... it became a separate book. I am working on this one simoltaneously and it will contain:

  1. The history of the Swedish hard rock, from the first careful steps in the late 60s, through the growing 70s, the hair metal 80s, the death metal and alternative 90s to today.
  2. Interviews with high profile musicians, managers, journalists, labels.
  3. Excerpts from interviews I've done myself since the 80s.
  4. Unpublished photos and fun information.

The aim is for this book to be released also in 2010.

Listening to:
1. LION'S SHARE - "Dark Hours" - just put it on right now, so we'll see :-)
2. PUGH ROGEFELDT & RAINROCK - "Bolla & Rulla" - Hard rock? Hmmm...
3. THIRD EYE - "Hardware" - Great funk 'o metal feat Stevie Salas, Bootsy Collins and Buddy Miles.

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Kim sa...

Det där låter ju himla bra! Väntar redan ivrigt på tredje delen av "Swedish hard rock..." så det var kul att tid för utgivningen är fastslagen. Dessutom en historisk översikt mm, på gång - Härligt :)