måndag 3 maj 2010

Overdrive, Guts and gardening!

Long time, no lake. Well, here I am again. Starting at the beginning I've found myself very much and happily involved in a new band. This time it's a trio that gues under the name Guts. Drummer/singer Peter Hermansson (220 Volt/Norum etc) and Johan Niemann (Therion/The Murder Of My Sweet/Mind's Eye) are the othet two members. Stylewise this is what I've been aching to play for a long time, the stuff I grew up with - 70s influenced hard rock! This is fun! We've already written several songs together and this can definitely be something!

Overdrive is finally in the studio recording the new album. The past weekend Kjell and Kenta were supposed to lay down the drums for Kjelle's songs, but after the 4th song on the Sunday, Kjelle had to take his dog to the vet. A phone call later (I was in the garden covered in grass and moss at the time) I took over and we managed to lay down another four tracks. We're continuing tonight. I'm not exaggerating if I say this will most likely be the best Overdrive album ever! We've selected 20 songs to record and they all feel strong! Stronger than ever! This is pure classic metal once "invented" by the likes of Judas Priest and Accept. If it works, don't fix it! Mix is set for July and hopefully the CD and vinyl versions will see the light around September.

At the same time TrumPeter Svensson has laid down drum tracks for 10 new Constancia songs! Man, this is gonna be a busy, but fun, summer/fall!

Listening to:
RAZR13 - "Reflecions" - King's X but not. Dug with a new crew sounding awesome!
STONE AXE - "Stone Axe" - Holy crap! The 70s revisited. Killer CD!
RAWBURT - "Muskedunder" - Only a demo, but better than a lot of albums!
THE SWEET - "Live in Kopenhagen 1976" - Still love these guys!

2 kommentarer:

Kim sa...

När kommer boken? Tredje delen i encyclopedin, vi väntar såå på den :)

Janne Stark sa...

Bra fråga - jag jobbar på den samtidigt som allt annat. Hade planerat ha den klar i höst, men skulle tro att den kommer i början av nästa år. Det poppar ju upp nya band hela tiden också! De får lugna ner sig lite nu :-)