tisdag 16 augusti 2011

To quote Johnny Rotten...

"I'm a lazy sod"... well, maybe not lazy, but occupied with all other things. So, whats's up?
Well, first of all, just got back after a great weekend at a new and highly interesting hard rock festival called Rock Out Wild in northern town Sorsele (or rather, 15 kilometers outside, by the foot of a ski slope). What a scenery! Great bands, great people, great weather and no mosquitos!

If all goes as planned I will have my ultimate guitar made for me! I can't wait to tell you more about it when all is settled! It will be a KILLER guitar, I assure you!

We just did the last gig in a while with Overdrive, at the Hasslö Festival. Short set, but great fun! We have some stuff booked in the fall together with Pretty Maids, but it's quiet for some months now. I'm quite anxious to get going on the new Constancia, but I'm waiting for some files to come roaring my way. We've also started working on some new Locomotive Breath material. This time it's actually leaning more towards good old hard edged southern rock! We'll see! I've recorded some guest solos for Grand Design's new album, a demo track from Peter Espinoza (Nasty Idols), Thalamus and Chris Catena. I'm still experimenting  with recording with IR (Impulse Responses) which is really interesting!

The Encyclopedia
F***ing hell! Every time I turn my back a new bunch of bands pop out of the woodwork! I'll never get this thing finished if you don't all take a break! I'm so trying to get this brick finished before new year for a release early next year, and, even though I'm starting to, I still haven't lost hope!

FUZZ Magazine
Finally!! The next issue will feature my new Spotlight page, where I pick out six new promising guitarists/bands. It will also be featured on the new and updated website with links and all! The first column will feature people like: Mike Mills (Toehider), Curt Anderson, Alex Ehrsam, Tommy Johansson (Reinxeed) and Kjell Bergendahl (Thalamus).

New music
I've started CD trading with an old friend again and got some great stuff, plus found some new interesting acts as well:
TADDY PORTER - s/t - Killer retro/southernish hard rock
KAMCHATKA - Bury Your Roots - Killer fourth release from Swedish power trio
ASSAILANT - Wicked Dream - Quite angry, but still melodic Swedes
THE WHEEL - s/t - New good retro rockers
WORK OF ART - In Progress - Great second release from these Swedish melodic rockers

All for now, over and out!

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