torsdag 7 januari 2010

Mac and a prayer

Well, long time no write! Had a great Christmas, even though the flu (nope, not the piggy) struck twise. Got my Mac during the holidays. It made me realize even more how much I hate PC. It all came to the hilt when my PC AGAIN decided it should pack it in. Installed all the software on the Mac without problems, connected the separate hard drive and could just continue working with my PC documents without problems! Man, I'm impressed and it makes me realize, I do love Mac! My fiancée has been right all these years... and I'm not afraid to admit it! At least I'm at home now, computerwise that is. Need to get all my mails and crap organized, though.

I've installed ProTools, Addictive Drums etc and it works like a charm. I haven't dared to start recording yet because if I had... I wouldn't be able to stop. New sounds and new system is extremely inspirational... and I need to keep my focus on the book for a while.

In just a few days the new Mountain of Power is supposed to be printed and ready!! I'm soooo longing to see the result. A cool 6-panel digi with an awesome artwork by Sami and Joe!

Listening to:
The Answer - Everyday Demons
RA - Black Sheep
These Crooked Vultures - s/t
Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil (RIP James)

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MissOzzie sa...

Amen to that! Mac is the real thing :-)

Mac-user since 1991 and Mac-owner since 1993