måndag 18 januari 2010

UPS can kiss my BWA!!!!

OK, today I'm actually slightly mad, angry and aggravated. Before Christmas I ordered three T-shirts from CafePress.com. Great company, I must say. Excellent service! I received the package before Christmas and the t-shirts (with pretty cool prints) made excellent gifts.
Last Friday I receive an invoice from UPS...
Disbursement compensation: 110 SEK (+ 25 % VAT)
Customs fee: 48 SEK
Pay within 10 days (from Dec 23) or interest and 50 SEK penalty fee will be added. (Standard in Sweden is 30 days)


This means I should pay UPS 130 SEK for paying my customs fee of 48 SEK!! Plus they send the invoice out so that I receive it AFTER it should be paid!!!

Naturally, I called them. Yes, I was right, they paid my customs fee (which I didn't ask for, plus I had no way of protesting to the customs service) and it was a fee for their "service". She said she would however change the pay date to 10 days from today. I told her - Nope, 30 days. She said that was only for companies. I said - Nope, according to Swedish consumer policies it's 30 days if I haven't accepted 10 days in an earlier agreement or a written consent, which I haven't. I could almost see her mouth looking like a chicken ass when she snapped "Well then, I'll let the economy department know".


On another note, the iMac is running smoothly, been working a lot on the book lately and the Mountain Of Power "Volume Two" will be released in a few weeks.

Listening to:
SOUL DOCTOR - "Eay Back To The Bone" - Yepp, they still rock
DIAMOND REO - "Dirty Diamonds" - Old classic!
OCEAN - "Ocean" (second album) - Another forgotten French gem!
IMPULSIA - "Expressions" - Great new Swedish AOR

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