måndag 8 februari 2010

New album out, new songs written!

Finally the new Mountain of Power CD has been released! I'm ever so happy with the result, I must say! Hope it sells a million copies so I become a millionaire!! No, wait, it's only covers... well, I hope the original artists get what they deserve :-)

I'm slowly but safely getting in to the mac and ProTools train! Just transferred a bunch of demos for the forthcoming Overdrive album, from Cubase SX3 to ProTools. Had to bounce down the files in Cubase, save the project to a new fold and exclude all files not used. Import the files in ProTools into a new project and re-program the drums. Fixed 7 tracks in two days, so it worked pretty smoothly.
This week we'll have a meeting about the upcoming Overdrive album, our 30th anniversary disc. Man, I'm not that old!! Well, you're only as old as you feel (or others tell you...). I however feel pretty confident with the new material. Luckily (well...) the Scorpions didn't choose any of my songs so now I can use them for Overdrive instead. This however does not mean the new Overdrive will sound like a Scorpions record.

Been getting into some Swedish stuff I haven't listened to in a while when working on the book. See my list below.

DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - "The Butcher's Ballroom" - This is just too crazy to describe, but WHAT AN ALBUM!! Metal meets jazz meets, awing meets Mariachi music meets metal again!
DEGREED - s/t(MCD) - Great new Swedish melodic rock hope! Debut album on the way!
AIRBOURNE - No Guts. No Glory - Yepp, these Aussies sure can rock!
DIRTY DAVE OSTI - Voodoo Guitar - Awesome new heavy blues cat!

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