onsdag 29 september 2010

Looking for a deal...

Well, first of all sorry for being such a slacker (thanks, Dave ;-)).
The world is not fair. When people like Jason Bibier and Håkan Hellström can get a record deal, and we seem to be all out of luck. I'm talking about the new Overdrive album. We have 18 tracks recorded, mixed and ready. This feels, by far, like the best album we've ever made with the best production, the strongest tracks and our best musical and vocal performances. Still, it seems noone's interested... I mean, I've sent out around 25 promo packages. I've received two lousy deal proposals and three "thanks, but no thanks". Well, maybe it is actually better to take matters into our own hands, set up some good distribution and release it ourselves? We've already more or less decided to make a CD and a vinyl version, with different tracks (just to confuse people :-)). We've put up some medleys from the new album on our MySpace and Facebook and the response has been great. Seems at least we have some fans out there. Too bad the labels aren't among them... Well, since I'm also the only one in the band engaging in trying to get us a deal (and in most things for that matter...), my patience is starting to run low. Right now I feel more like, fuck it, I'm moving on! We'll see... a miracle may happen...

On the other hand the Guts train has now seriously started moving! We've got a shitload of great songs already written, and this feels really really exiting! The plan is now for me to get my butt up to Stockholm for a weekend of rehearsals and recording! Drummer/singer Peter Hermansson is one of the most prolific persons I've come across in years! And I thought I had a lot of extra hours on my day!

On the third hand, I will now also start arranging and recording guitars for the new Constancia album! The material I've received from Mikael sounds great!

Well, if one train has stopped moving, the best thing is to try and get on another one. Who knows, it may be an express!

Here's some new great stuff I've picked up lately:
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION - s/t - The album Chickenpox... sorry -foot, should've made!
RAZR13 - s/t - Dug Pinnick doin' the King's X dance with some other boys, sounding great!
PRETTY MAIDS - Pandemonium - Their best in years!
SHARKATTACK - s/t - New great CDBaby discovery! Cool rockers!
THE NAUGHTONES - s/t - see above!

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