fredag 17 september 2010

Rockin' in Finland

So, we've returned from a highly... interesting... trip to Finland. It started with a gig at Sigurdsgatan in Västerås, supported by Sour System (a really great band featuring a former Carnal Forge member). Very small audience, but a really cool gig! We continued to Stockholm, where we spent the night and entered the ferry to Finland. We met up with the boys in Watain, who was all up for some headbanging to the Blues Brothers covers band in the dance hall. Just for the hell of it. We also spent some time with the boys in RAM, who were also accompanied by Pelle from Nifelheim. A great guy, which a cool sense of humor. He turned us on to the extremely cheesy Turkish versions of Superman and Star Wars, which just HAVE to be seen. Just go to YouTube and type in "Turhish Star Wars". You won't regret it!!

The festival in Helsinki, Metal Warning, was a really cool festival at a great venue called Gloria. Went out together with Henri Juvonen to do some record hunting, too. Bought some stuff, too. Some stuff that happened during our journey on and off the ferry I'm just dying to tell, but I have to protect the innocent (and I'd be killed by the main person). Anyway, I still laugh my butt off just thinking about it!

The Overdrive album is all finished. Now we just have to find someone interested in releasing it! We'll see what happens.

Listening to:
TRILLION - New demo tracks! AWESOME pomp!!
ALTER BRIDGE - III - They are back with another killer!
GOV'T MULE - By A Thread - Blues rock played the way it should be!

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