fredag 21 januari 2011

New album released... and up/downloaded

Today the new OVERDRIVE album "Angelmaker" is released on Lion Music!! The reviews have been outstanding so far!
However... I get kinda sad and frustrated. A couple of days ago I did a web search to see if there were any reviews up. What did I find? Two pages of links to download the album!!
It's so incredibly fucking frustrating to put months and months of work and effort into an album just to have a bunch of cheapskates upload your work for everyone to download, even before it's available!! It's fellow JOURNALISTS (or whatever the hell they are) that do it, which is even more frustrating! People you trust by giving them access to the album prior to its releas to listen and review! It feels like the utter treachery when people you trust stab you in the back by putting the album up on torrents and download sites. Why the fuck should I bother to put a lot of my own money and effort into making an album, when some people just piss on my work by stealing it? It it wasn't for the love of music I'd get out of this fast! But, even though I love what I do, it doesn't mean I want to pay to do it!

PLEASE, support the bands and musicians that put their time, heart and money into giving you great music by PAYING for their work and effort!! No matter what your defense may be, in the long term it IS KILLING music!

Listening to (purchased music):
INTO THE PRESENCE - s/t - Awesome melodic hard rock
URIAH HEEP - Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble - Classic!!
VOODOO SIX - Fluke? - New awesome heavies!!
GHOST - Opvs Eponymvs - Blue Öyster Cult meets Demon!

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