torsdag 5 maj 2011


Been a while, sorry. Been a bit busy, you know. Anyway, a lot of stuff has happened.

Overdrive - the vinyl "The Angelmaker's Daughter" has been released and is already almost sold out! We just recorded a new song, "New Beginning (Arata Na Stato)" for a Lion Music Japan benefit compilation. It was mixed by Pelle Saether last week.

Locomotive Breath - It's been awfully quiet, but also we have recorded a new track for the Lion Music Japan benefit compilation. Recorded the drums last weekend, guitars and bass two days ago, vocals yesterday and it will be mixed by Johan Blomström tonight. Title: "Rise Up".

Zoom Club - Working on new songs, planning a recording session.

Constancia - Still working on guitar arrangements for the second album!

The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Vol III - Continuously working on it! The plan is to be ready by July. Not sure if I can do it, but I will sure try!

FUZZ Magazine - Done a bunch of interesting interviews lately with Doug Aldrich, Mick Box, Evergrey, Ghost etc.

So, spring is here, life is good!

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